Welcome to Moorings

Located between Coquina Sands to the south and Park Shore to the north, The Moorings neighborhood is known for excellent Gulf and beach access opportunities in a mature and quiet setting. Originally purchased in 1957 by a development company owned by Milton Link, The Moorings comprises more than 1,300 acres with approximately 4,000 homes and condominiums. If you are looking for a gorgeous selection of luxury living, private waterfront access and close proximity to popular landmarks and attractions the Moorings-Coquina Sands area is the place to be.

We invite you to explore Moorings to its fullest, search and preview properties below as well as read the additional content after the properties/map.

What Makes Moorings Stand Out?

  • Located between US 41 and the Gulf of Mexico, Moorings is in close proximity to all amenities including, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores.

  • Beautiful canopied trees and quiet streets near desirable shopping, dining, and entertainment make for an idyllic lifestyle for convenient coastal living.

  • Waterfront property owners and other boating, kayak and paddle board enthusiasts may easily access the Gulf and Moorings Bay through Doctors Pass.

  • Moorings property owners are also eligible to join the Moorings Property Owners Association which gives members Moorings Beach Park parking privileges, access to member events, and pertinent news and information.
  • Real estate prices in this neighborhood varies, ranging in the thousands and beyond. This means that regardless of your budget, you can find a dreamhouse in Moorings.

  • Moorings has many clubs and golf courses to offer. There is also a clubhouse and many membership packages available. This will allow you to play golf there and also take part in social gatherings. Golf+.
  • The neighborhood of Moorings is beautiful with plenty of green spaces, tall tropical trees, sandy beaches and the warm sea. Living in Moorings will be like a vacation experience every day.